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We value the unique gifts of men and women and seek to celebrate and support the achievement of mature masculinity in young men and women.


We espouse the concepts of "Total Love" with "Totally Loving Boundaries." We seek to relate to each other with unconditional positive regard while holding each other accountable through Totally Loving Boundaries as a manifestation of our Total Love. 


We use empathy, encouragement and persuasion to address emotional or mental health issues and pair those approaches with consequences if needed. If personal safety is an issue, the consequences may include physical techniques to restrain or escort away (Please see policies)


We honor the role of competition and physical exertion to develop the character and confidence of our students. Students will take measured risks and sometimes fail. We teach boys to "fail forward." This dynamic is necessary to develop personal resilience in mind and body. 


We have a "trauma-informed" approach that allows for expressions of distress within a supportive relationship. We know that safe relationships are a critical key to healing relational trauma and that "Total Love" with "Totally Loving Boundaries" create a pathway out of dysfunctional interactions. 

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