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Kathy, Farmington UT

"I've witnessed firsthand the amazing blessing this school brings to my grandson.  Finally, a school that can bring true dynamic learning in a context of caring and appreciation!"

Rochelle, Saratoga Springs, UT

"BreakOut School has changed our lives and changed our family. The feeling in our home has changed.  The school has built my son's self-esteem and given him something to look forward to and enjoy and be accepted."

Whitney, Pleasant Grove UT

“One month of BreakOut School did more for my son than two years of therapy.”
Break Out of Limits
Break into Real World Learning

     We make education exciting for boys and girls with ADHD and/or ASD

  • Outdoor Learning

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Hands-on Education

  • Grades 4-8

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Does Your Son or Daughter Hate School?


Everyone knows a boy or girl who hates school. Maybe its your child. Especially if she has ADHD.


Parents don’t know where to turn when their neurodiverse children struggle in constraining educational programs. BreakOut School is a non-profit private school built on the best current research tailored to the needs of neurodiverse children.


And what are those needs? Real World experiences with Real World learning. Hands on. Out in Nature. Back to the basics. The three Rs. Ideas into action. Running their own small business. 


It’s not for students with oppositional behaviors, and it’s not a boot-camp.


BreakOut School empowers boys and girls with lasting friendships, social emotional skills, strong masculine role models, and opportunities to develop physical courage and strength. On top of that, students develop their own small business, and use earnings to pay their own school tuition.


When your son or daughter enrolls in BreakOut School, they will break out of a frustrating past into an exciting world of accomplishment. 

At BreakOut School, we don't view ADHD as a disability, we view it as a SUPERPOWER!

-- Dr. Dallin Richardson, Founder


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