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O Faxineiro E O Executivo Pdf 36 ^HOT^


o faxineiro e o executivo pdf 36

But I want to extract one column of the table as follows. As you can see, I have a column named per_10 in my output data. When I print it, it is shown as: I also want to save the value of this column and use in my code as follows: print(data.loc[data['pos_10']==1,'per_10']) How can I do this? My code: df['per_10'] = df.groupby('invoice')['per_10'].transform('count') print(df['per_10']) The output data: The expected output data: A: With no custom pandas function, you can use apply and if for filtering and transform, respectively: df[df['per_10'].eq(1)] df['per_10'].transform('count') Output: invoice per_10 1 1 Or: df.loc[df['per_10'].eq(1), 'per_10'] 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a method for producing a high purity by-product of a phosphorus compound used for a flame retardant, a flame retardant and an inorganic filler, and a fiber reinforced plastic resin composition containing the same. 2. Description of the Related Art In recent years, in the field of flame retardants for plastic materials, phosphorus flame retardants have been in widespread use in order to improve the flame retardancy of these plastic materials. However, phosphorus flame retardants are limited in kind and include a large number of by-products such as phosphorus-containing organic compounds, metal phosphides, etc. and in addition, phosphorus flame retardants contain other inorganic components, which are not desirable. Further, since phosphorus flame retardants are often produced by the wet process such as wet oxidation or liquid phase reaction, as a phosphorus flame retardant that is usable in fiber reinforced plastic resins, only a material that is prepared by such a wet process has been known, and a material that is excellent in not only its functionality but also its mechanical properties, for example, in its high temperature stability, is required. As a technique for producing a phosphorus flame retardant from an organic phosphorus compound, as disclosed

O Faxineiro E O Executivo 36 Book Rar Free Download (epub)


O Faxineiro E O Executivo Pdf 36 ^HOT^

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