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alexwlwroe: doh. burglar, that is ndiswrapper usr13: ok done alexwlwroe: give me some info on how i can go about figuring out what version i have and what version it needs to be? i have 2 versions of ubuntu but the newer is an upgrade from the older one. i have a laptop with ubuntu and 3 different external monitors. when i do system settings > display, it shows up just fine on all 3 monitors but when i use xrandr, i can only get 2 of the monitors to show up on the laptop and the other 2 don't show up at all burglar, best way is to test an live iso of 12.04, and compare hardware. if i do xrandr --newmode "1440x900" 146.89 1440 1488 900 900 1350 1493 1496 900 900 xrandr: can't find mode "1440x900" if you have a normal intel hd gpu in your laptop, then you dont need nvidia in the card. and there is no problem with kernel and nvidia driver. OerHeks: i am on the older version of ubuntu if that helps at all can somebody help me? OerHeks: how do i do that? burglar, yes, older ubuntu version makes a difference, but ubuntu is safe L4y0L: you're right. but the other monitors i have can't handle full res burglar, burn a live iso and boot that machine? !md5 To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see or



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